Marie Wiberg

Professor, Statistics, Umeå School of Business and Economics

Membership period 2013–2018

I develop statistical methods in order to evaluate and analyze standardized achievement tests and large scale assessments. These tests include admission tests and licensure tests. An overall focus has been on developing methods in order to ascertain high quality over time in standardized achievement tests. This is especially important when a test is valid during several years and is given repeatedly to test takers, as e.g. admission tests. A large part of my research has focused on the development of methods for equating test scores, i.e. the statistical process which is used to ascertain that test scores from different test forms are comparable. Especially, I have had an active part in developing local equating, i.e. the idea of using an equating family instead of a single equating transformation.


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Close-up of standardized test. (Click to enlarge.)

Marie Wiberg Photo: Markus Marcetic

Photo: Markus Marcetic (click for larger image)


Born: 1976
Family: My husband Jonas and our two daughters; Emelie (born 2008) and Hanna (born 2010).
Interests: Down-hill running, outdoor life and assort with family and friends.
Other: Has a past as a mountain climber and have among others been to the top of Mt Blanc.

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