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Associate professor, Environmental law, Lund University

Membership period 2014–2019

My research is within the area of EU environmental law. The aim of my project is to develop a comprehensive framework of analysis for market mechanisms applied to commons in air, land and water from a legal perspective. The purpose therewith is to better understand environmental markets – their rationale, design, function and legal implications – so as to improve their use in regulating the environment. As such the objective is to initiate a fruitful debate on environmental markets, and most importantly, inform the academic community, as well as policymakers at the national, the EU and the international level about the abilities of markets in controlling common resources locally and globally.


Sanja Bogojevic

Sanja "in action". Photo: Stefan Bengtsson, Faculty of Law, Lund university. Click for larger image.

Sanja Bogojevic Photo: Markus Marcetic

(Click for enlargement) Photo: Markus Marcetic


Born: 1982
Interests: Decor, cooking and travelling I am also trying to learn horse riding.
Other: I am originally from Serbia. I have studied in Great Britain, Germany, Belgium and USA.

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