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Young Academy of Sweden members Photo: Annika Moberg/Young Academy of Sweden

Nobel Teacher Summit


Date: Friday 6 October
Venue: Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden
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Host: Nobel Center

Members of The Young Academy of Sweden look forward to playing the science game Expedition Mundus at the Nobel Teacber Summit!

Students play Expedition Mundus

Participants at the Academy's summer research school Forskarmöten (Research Encounters) play Expedition Mundus. Photo: Annika Moberg/Young Academy of Sweden

What is Expedition Mundus?

Expedition Mundus is a fun educational game that familiarises scientific research. In this game ‘science’ refers to all branches of research; the sciences, mathematics as well as the humanities and social sciences. Mundus shows participants that science is not about ’knowing a lot’, but rather about curiosity, creativity and logical thinking.

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