Sanna Koskiniemi Foto: Sveriges unga akademi

Sanna Koskiniemi, Umeå University alumni and Young Academy of Sweden member. Photo: Young Academy of Sweden

Exploring career paths at Umeå University

On November 20 the Young Academy of Sweden had the pleasure to host a career seminar together with the Future Faculty at Umeå University. Many young researchers took the opportunity to listen to, and discuss, career paths with the Vice-Chancellor and representatives from the faculties at Umeå University. 

Associate Senior Lecturer Sanna Koskiniemi (Young Academy of Sweden member and Umeå University alumni), opened the seminar by presentating the Young Academy of Sweden, followed by a presentation of the Future Faculty by Associate Professor Daniel Marcellini.

Vice-Chancellor Hans Adolfsson introduced Umeå University and its ecosystem of available career paths. He pointed out that the University has a strong reputation that it is important to maintain, both for the ability to deliver high quality education today, but also for the future growth of research at the University. The Vice-Chancellor also explained that at Umeå University, all positions are announced publicly, including those that are up for promotion.

Daniel Marcellino Photo: Young Academy of Sweden
Hans Adolfsson Photo: Young Academy of Sweden
Panel Photo: Young Academy of Sweden

1. Daniel Marcellino, Future Faculty 2. Vice Chancellor Hans Adolfsson 3. Panel: Sara Sjöstedt de Luna, Jonas Nilsson, Gordon Neely and Anna Arnqvist Photo: Young Academy of Sweden

In the concluding panel discussion, Anna Arnqvist (Associate Dean for Research, the Faculty of Medicine), Gregory Neely (Pro Dean, the Faculty of Social Sciences), Jonas Nilsson, (Head of Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, the Faculty of Arts) and Sara Sjöstedt de Luna (Pro-Dean, the Faculty of Science and Technology) presented and compared career paths at the respective faculties.

The panel noted that there are many differences between the faculties, but also some common denominators and that the broader aspects of the criteria for promotion within the new tenure track position “associate senior lecturer” (biträdande universitetslektorat), such as pedagogical and leadership accomplishments, could probably be general over the faculties and universities. The panel underlined the need for predictability and concluded that a mutual discussion regarding criteria are needed between universities. (The Young Academy of Sweden previously suggested this regarding promotions for associate senior lecturer).

The panelists also concluded that we could all benefit from being a bit more daring when it comes to hiring and investing in young, talented researchers. It is a visionary investment that will pay off.

Moderator Marie Wiberg and Gordon Neely Photo: Young Academy of Sweden
Mingle Photo: Young Academy of Sweden
Panel Photo: Young Academy of Sweden

1. Professor Marie Wiberg (Young Academy of Sweden alumni) moderated the seminar, here at the mingle with Gordon Neely. 2–3. Mingle Photo: Young Academy of Sweden

The Young Academy's career seminar tour

Next stop on the Academy's tour is at Luleå University of Technology. Previous stops on the Academy’s career seminar tour have been at: Uppsala University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Lund University, Linköping University, and University of Gothenburg.

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