Co-author Mia Liinason, chair of YAS, professor of gender studies at Lund University.

Co-author Mia Liinason, Chair of YAS, Professor of gender studies at Lund University.

Large turnout when YAS presented the Beginner’s Guide at EURAXESS webinar

On November 7 the Young Academy of Sweden had the opportunity to present A Beginner’s Guide to Swedish Academia at a well-attended webinar hosted by the Swedish EURAXESS network. Authors of the guide from the Young Academy of Sweden shared insights on the conditions for international mobility and how to navigate Swedish academia.

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A Beginner's Guide to Swedish Academia

Co-author Mia Liinason, chair of YAS opened the webinar introducing YAS, before sharing her own experiences of international mobility.

Philippe Tassin, co-author and member of YAS.

Philippe Tassin, co-author, member of YAS and Professor of physics at Chalmers.

Another co-author, Philippe Tassin, member of YAS, went on to share his experiences of coming to a new country as an international researcher, whereby Mia and Philippe jointly presented the contents of the Beginner’s Guide, including an overview of academic positions in Sweden, the government’s research strategy, funding opportunities, the structure of undergraduate education, the importance of the Swedish language, and some practical information about living in Sweden.

Following the presentation, the webinar opened up for questions from the audience. Over 250 participants had logged into the webinar and were eager to participate and pose questions. Topics brought up were ranging from career paths, titles and education to migration rules, social security numbers and membership of YAS, which contributed to a fruitful webinar, all issues were discussed and answered with references to the guide.

Judging from the great interest in the webinar, as well as the many burning questions that came up, it is clear that the Beginner’s Guide is well-needed and has an important function to fill, Philippe Tassin said after the webinar.

We are happy for the opportunity to come and present the Beginner’s Guide to the EURAXESS network and hope that it can become a recurring event, Mia Liinason said.

About A Beginner’s Guide to Swedish Academia

As new to the Swedish research system, one is faced with a series of questions, about what applies to qualifications, what the networks look like, but also practical issues. To make things easier, YAS has developed a guide for international researchers, to help navigate Swedish academia and remove time-consuming obstacles.

The guidebook is a result of a collaborative work of several YAS members with diverse expertise and experiences. YAS has also obtained ideas and comments from reference persons with knowledge and insight into the research system.


EURAXESS is a pan-European initiative backed by the European Union, member states and associated countries, that supports researcher mobility and career development, while enhancing scientific collaboration between Europe and the world.

The Swedish EURAXESS network Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster. consists of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) who work actively with support for researcher mobility. The members of the network meet two-three times a year and exchange useful information, share reports from study visits, conferences etc. and get the latest news from the Swedish BHO. Within the network, problems, obstacles and solutions are discussed to improve researchers' conditions, in Sweden as well as within Europe and globally.

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