Sara Liin

Associate Professor of Neurobiology at Linköping University

Membership period 2020–2025

I am fascinated by the electric activity of the body. How do proteins that ensure coordinated contraction of the heart and conduction of nervous impulses – so called ion channels – work? My research group uses experimental techniques to measure electric currents that are conducted through ion channels. We are interested in how ion channels are regulated by drugs and endogenous compounds, and how inherited variations in ion channels affect their ability to conduct current. Our fundamental research will hopefully open new avenues for treatment of conditions such as cardiac arrhythmia and epilepsy.


1. and 2. Photo: Erik Thor/YAS 3. Photo: Thor Balkhed (Click for high resolution press photos. )

Sara Liin Foto: Erik Thor/SUA

Click for high resolution press photo. Photo: Erik Thor/YAS


Interests: Exploring nature, both on foot and by bike or cross-country skis. Garden fixing is also a wonderful activity.

Other: Likes to renovate old rickety furniture (fish glue is a favorite tool).

“I am part of the Young academy of Sweden to get the opportunity to, together with like-minded people, improve the conditions for Sweden's young researchers. Questions that are particularly close to my heart are how we reach out with science to children and young people of different ages, how we can convey a nuanced picture of researchers, and how young researchers' forward-thinking and innovative thinking is stimulated.”

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