YAS members during a meeting with the Minister of Education and Research, Anna Ekström (to the right), from the left: Chrisitan Ohm (particle physicist, KTH), Ronnie Berntsson (medical chemistry, Umeå Univeristy), Sverker Lundin (CEO, SUA) and vice chairman. Mia Liinason (Gender Studies, Lund Univeristy). Photo: YAS

Reunion for the network program – meeting with the Speaker and the Minister of Education

The Young Academy of Sweden again visited the Riksdag through the network of members of the Riksdag, and this time also visited the Ministry of Education. In a fantastic program, the academy met with Minister of Education and Research Anna Ekström, Speaker Andreas Norlén, and all members of the Riksdag who participated in this year's program for rewarding conversations about research and politics.

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