Kristian Pietras

Göran and Birgitta Grosskopf Professor of Molecular Medicine at Lund University

Membership period 20132018

Cancer is in its essence a disease of miscommunication. It is well known that the failure of tumor cells to communicate correctly internally is caused by genetic events leading to excessive cell growth. In addition, and perhaps equally important for the etiology of cancer, the malignant cell engages in external communication with multiple cell types populating its micro- and macroenvironment. We subscribe to the view that a tumor should be considered as a communicating organ in its own right, comprising multiple cell types that collectively evolve into a clinically manifested and deadly disease. With this proposition follows that decisive treatment benefit can only be achieved by targeting multiple, but distinct, cell types and signaling pathways that collectively sustain malignant growth. Our work is performed through an integrated set of experiments bridging basic biology, pre-clinical studies and molecular oncology with the ultimate aim of guiding the design of future clinical studies in cancer patients.

I was the Academy's Chair 2017–2018.


1. and 2. Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden 3. Kristian Pietras presents his research at the Academy meeting in Lund 2013. Photo: Sara Åkerlind (Click to enlarge)

Heart-shaped tumor (click to enlarge).

Kristian Pietras Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden

Click for high resolution portrait. Photo: Annika Moberg/Sveriges unga akademi


Born: 1974
Family: I live on the Scanian country side in the little village Räng Sand with my wife Christina and our daughters Thea, Stina and Fanny.
Interests: My free time is spent with my family and as much as possible outside in the nature.
Other: I have lived and held a guest researcher position in San Francisco, a city that has the most, and where I like to go again…and again…and again. I was the second professor ever to be recruited to Lund University directly by the Vice-Chancellor.

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