Ericka Johnson

Professor in Technology and social change at Linköping university

Membership period 2014–2019

My research approaches the patient and the medical body as known through medical technology, broadly defined. Of particular interest is how knowledge about the body is constructed and reproduced. Together with colleagues from Linköping University, Uppsala University, Växjö and Lancaster University, I am studying the intra-actions between medical technology and patient identity. I am leading two larger, interdisciplinary projects: Prescriptive Prescriptions. Pharmaceuticals and ‘Healthy’ Subjectivities and A Constant Torment. Tracing the Discursive Contours of the Aging Prostate.

The Prostate film is a collaboration between the Linköping university research project ‘A constant torment' with researcher Ericka Johnson and 'Stockholms Mansmottagning’, a sexual health clinic for all men. Funding provided by the Swedish Research Council and Linköping University.


Walnuts (artistic prostate). Wikipedia
Ericka Johnson Photo: Private

1. The size of the prostate is comparable to that of a walnut (click to enlarge). Photo: Wikimedia Commons 2. Ericka Johnson (click to enlarge) Photo: private

Ericka Johnson Photo: Markus Marcetic

Photo: Markus Marcetic/Young Academy of Sweden (Click for high resolution portrait)


Born: 1973
Other: I am originally from USA.

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