Aula Magna Foto: Erik Huss

Hearing on science policy

What are the visions for science policy among the parties that might form government after the Swedisch national elections on 14 September? Young Academy of Sweden invites representatives of the right and the left political parties for a hearing in the grand lecture hall Aula Magna at Stockholm University. Politicians from both sides give short presentations with their visions for the upcoming term and are interrogated by Academy members in two consecutive sessions. 

Date: Friday 5 september 2014
Time: kl. 13.00–16.30
Venue: Aula Magna, Stockholm University

Language: Swedish
The hearing is open for the public. Welcome!

An open exploration for knowledge broadens our horizons and creates the society of tomorrow. High expections are set for scientists regarding the tackeling of the challenges of our time; from climate change and pandemics to migration and a democratic and resilient Internet. How is viable and innovative research best nurtured? What forms of funding provides the best conditions? How free should the universities be? How can young talent be attracted to science – and be enticed to stay? How much space is there for curiosity – and for application?

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