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The Dynamics of Research – How does new disciplines come about?

Date: Wednesday 15 October 2014
Venue: The Beijer Hall, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm
Language: Swedish
Registration (here) is mandatory. The seminar is open to the public. Welcome!

Young Academy of Sweden is arranging an inter-disciplinary seminar; The Dynamics of Research. Research disciplines are developed over time. New areas emerge from old ones, through specialization, in connection with other disciplines, or from new societal phenomena; technical breakthroughs, discoveries and needs.

Other disciplines fade away. What does this process look like, and what are the terms of today for the forming of new research areas? How can our institutions identify new areas and nurture them with the structural support they need without risking to set boundaries and define them to soon? What does it take for something to be a discipline? Are we in fact heading for a post-disciplinary future?

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