The exhibition hall ''Stallet'' at the Museum of Technology in Stockholm (click to enlarge). Photo: Anna Kjellström

The Exhibition of Young Researchers


Right now the finale of "The Exhibition of Young Researchers " where students have the opportunity to showcase their high school work and compete for prizes and international scholarships with a total value of half a million swedish crowns. The Young Academy of Sweden has four members in the jury and the great pleasure of meeting students and seeing the amazing projects, for example, eelgrass meadows, measurement of silicon in cooling water, specific brain cells' communication and evaluation of dietary guidelines for diabetes.

In February and March, the regional exhibitions go live around the country. The best projects go on to the national final at the Technical Museum in Stockholm. The finale continues for five intense days, where the hundred exhibitors will meet the jury, go on exciting field trips, listen to lectures and take part in the traditional banquet. It all ends with a ceremony at the Technical Museum, when the winners are presented.

Academy members in the jury

Jonas Larsson Foto: Markus Marcetic
Mia Lindskog Foto: Markus Marcetic
Emma Sparr Foto: Markus Marcetic
Johan Åkerman Foto: Markus Marcetic

From the left/top: Jonas Larsson, Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine at Lund University; Mia Lindskog, researcher in neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute; Emma Sparr, professor of physical chemistry at Lund University (Photo: Gunnar Menander) and Johan Åkerman, professor of spintronics at Gothenburg University and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Photo: Markus Marcetic, except for the portrait of Emma Sparr photo: Gunnar Menander

The Exhibition

From the left/top: The jury is presented to the song ''Imperial March'', the exhibition, Emma Sparr interviewing contestants and Jonas Larsson interviewing contestants. (Click to enlarge) Photo: Anna Kjellström

From the left: Cheerful deliberations in the jury, Mia Lindskog interviewing contestants, Johan Akerman interviewing contestants, Elin Andersson talks about her contribution about how eelgrass seeds moves in streams to the Secretariat's Annika Moberg who in turn is handing out information about the summer science school Forskarmöten. (Click to enlarge) Photo: Anna Kjellström

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