Karl Wennberg

Professor in Business Administration at Linköping University and researcher at Stockholm School of Economics

Membership period 2016–2021

Entrepreneurship is a rapidly spreading academic discipline throughout the world. The modern economic landscape is increasingly being driven by change coming from new innovative enterprises. Students, teachers, and policymakers are attracted to entrepreneurship as a potential engine of economic and social change.

As a phenomenon-driven field, entrepreneurship research tends to draw upon theories from various social science disciplines. My own research shares such an interdisciplinary zeal and is situated in the intersection between economic sociology, regional development, and organization theory. I study theoretical, practical and policy implications of these streams of research and seek to communicate findings in articles, books, case studies and public policy papers. I am also interested in social science methodology and philosophy of science.

Current research programs include cultural and demopgrahic diversity in both new and established firms, interpersonal group dynamics in startup-firms, and the potential relationship between entrepreneurship and economic inequality.

Karl Wennberg Foto: Karl Axelsson

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Född: 1978
Family: My wife Elina and 2 children.
Interests: Family and friends, running, skiing, carpentry on my summer house.
Other: I speak Japanese. Tried to learn parachuting, but quit when I thought of a research problem and forgot to pull the release cord.

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