Cecilia Engdahl

Associated professor in experimental autoimmunity at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg

Member period 2022–2027

Many of us have an elderly relative who has had a fracture, often due to osteoporosis. Fractures lead to reduced mobility, increased risk of other diseases and premature death. Every second woman gets an osteoporosis-related fracture during her lifetime and the risk of fracturs are age-dependent. An activated immune system, for example due to an autoimmune disease or cancer treatment, increases the risk of fractures further and leads to an earlier incidence of fractures. Bone and the immune system are closely linked and the cell that breaks down bone, the osteoclast, is a bone-specific macrophage, and is thereby stimulated by the same proteins that promote immune activation. We try to understand more about the immune system's connection to bone turnover, mainly via osteoclast stimulation, in autoimmune diseases and after bone marrow transplantation (hematopoietic stem cell transplantation). With this knowledge, we want to counteract the increased risk of fractures and to treat it preventively.


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Cecilia Engdahl Photo: Erik Thor/YAS

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Born: 10 June 1983
Interests: Orienteering, both myself and as a leader to mine and others' children. There I can push myself and get really dirty in the hunt for the next check but at the same time feel the peace in the forest.
Other: On the electric bike to and from work is me time. Then I can process impressions, so as not to take too much work home with me and to plan work / evening or just breathe.

With the young academy of sweden behind me, I hope I can make a difference. Both by spreading curiosity and willingness to do research to younger people, but also by influencing research policy in Sweden.”

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