Jessica Jewell

Associate professor in energy transformation at Chalmers University of Technology

Membership period 2022–2027

Scientists have figured out how to save the climate in mathematical models but can we do it in the real world? My research group investigates this question by examining change and continuity in energy systems. I use energy system models, technological innovation and diffusion theories, and analysis from political science and history. We zoom in on cases where change has been rapid and profound such as the response to the 1970s oil crises and the growth of solar and wind power in recent years to understand what enabled such rapid change and how they can be scaled up and replicated in different countries. By identifying historical precedents of rapid transitions and comparing these to the scale and speed of changes society needs to meet climate targets, we are able to identify the areas where change is most feasible.

Jessica Jewell Foto: Udo Shloegl

Click for high resolution press photo. Photo: Udo Shloegl


Born: 19 April 1982
Interests: Besides my research, I love exploring new ideas through books, podcasts, and conversations with old and new friends. I also relax with meditation, music, and cooking.
Other: I considered joining the circus as a teenager. Now I enjoy nycirkus.

I want to contribute to developing Sweden’s system for attracting scientific talent and developing science by identifying those areas where we are already world leaders as well as those where we can learn from other countries. I am particularly interested in strengthening international scientific mobility and transparency of funding to ensure Swedish institutions are strong growth environments for young scientists.”

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