Linda Andersson Burnett

Associate professor in the History of Science at Uppsala University, Wallenberg Academy Fellow

Membership period 2020–2025

Citizen science ranges from monitoring changes in bird populations to providing data on the pollution of shorelines with plastic waste. Although the term ‘citizen science’ is recent, the active participation of amateurs in the making of scientific knowledge has a long and important history. I research how science developed through collaborations between universities, museums and the lay public in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I am particularly interested in an influential Swedish-British tradition of scientific instructions. These were designed to simultaneously encourage and control citizen science by instructing lay people how to collect and record the natural world. I address questions such as: Why and how were instructions created and circulated? Why did people from different social strata engage with instructions? How did museums and amateur collectors interact, and how did the status of citizen science develop during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries?


1. Bullock's Museum, (Egyptian Hall or London Museum), 1810. Credit: Wellcome Collection, Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) 2. Photo: Markus Marcetic 3. Photo: Erik Thor/YAS (Click for high resolution press photos)

Linda Burnett Andersson Foto: Erik Thor/SUA

Click for high resolution press portrait. Photo: Photo: Erik Thor/YAS


Born: 1980
Interests: Family and friends, old books, vinyl records, walks, Scottish gin and the cat Morris.
Other: I have studied and worked in Scotland. I try as often as possible to visit archives, friends and family in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Hebrides.

“I am a member of the Young Academy of Sweden as I want to get engaged in internationalization of Swedish universities. I would like to promote an internationalization that both increases the mobility of Swedish researchers, as well as makes it easier for young foreign researchers to establish themselves in Sweden. I also look forward to supporting and encouraging the next generation of young researchers.”

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