Måns Magnusson

Associate senior lecturer, Assistant professor of Statistics at Uppsala University

Membership period 2023–2028

My research interests focus on Bayesian statistics and probabilistic machine learning, especially model evaluation, diagnostics, and inference algorithms. I’m especially interested in more general tools for Bayesian statistical inference, such as probabilistic programming, general inference algorithms and model diagnostics. In addition, my research interests also encompass statistical inference for textual data. This work includes using transformer-based neural networks for scientific inference and researching probabilistic latent semantic models, such as word embeddings and topic models. The work on text-as-data also addresses issues of efficiently curating large corpora for research purposes.

Oscar Agertz Foto: Lena Björk Blixt

Press photo (click for high resolution): Tobias Sterner


Interests: In addition to my research, which is also a hobby, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing badminton and exercising.

Other: I recently got my chainsaw driver's license and enjoy being out cutting trees. I am also passionate about local journalism and am one of the co-founders of newsworthy.se and bottenada.se.

I appreciate working with science outreach and collaborating with the surrounding community. Both when it comes to communicating research and collaborating with authorities and industry. The Young Academy of Sweden is a good place to give vent to this commitment and interest."

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