YAS visits the Riksdag, back row from the left: Mathias Osvath, Jakob Nordström, Phillipe Tassin, chair Sebastian Westenhoff, Ronnie Berntsson, CEO Sverker Lundin, Johan Zelano, Ellen Bushell and Christian Ohm, front row from the left: Frida Bender, Sofia Lodén and Johan Rockberg. Photo: YAS

Reunion for the network for researchers and politicians

When: Thursday 31 March
Hosts: Rifo (The Society for members of parliament and researchers) and YAS

The seventh edition of the networking program that brings together members of parliament and researchers, has a reunion in the Riksdag.

Young Academy of Sweden
c/o The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Box 50005
SE-104 05 Stockholm

+ 46 (0)8 673 9500

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