Ruth Pöttgen

Senior lecturer of Particle Physics at Lund University

Membership period 2023–2028

My research is about trying to better understand the Universe by studying the smallest building blocks of matter. Our current best model of the universe implies that the large majority (more than 80%) of its matter content is dark matter, a substance that is only “visible” to us because of its gravitational effects. Although first hints of its existence were discovered almost a hundred years ago, we still do not know what this form of matter is made of. We only know that it is not the same type of building blocks that make up normal matter. We call such building blocks (fundamental) particles, and as particle physicists we aim to identify all existing particles and how they interact with each other. My main research activity at the moment is to, within an international collaboration, develop a new experiment called LDMX (the Light Dark Matter eXperiment) that will provide new possibilities to explore what the building blocks of dark matter might be.


1. Prototype of part of the LDMX experiment tested in a test beam in April 2022. Photo: Torsten Åkesson 2. 3D drawing of the planned LDMX experiment. Photo: David Hitlin

Christian Ohm Foto: Erik Thor/SUA

Press photo (click for high resolution): Emma Burendahl


Interests: I love being out in nature, it can be hiking or just gardening. At home I like to bake (preferably for friends and family), read or sew and do crafts, especially since we had children.

I am also very interested in sustainability issues and what green” solutions can be found to various problems.

I want to build bridges between the world of research and society and increase mutual understanding on both sides. The Young Academy of Sweden is the perfect platform to do that.

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