Yaffa Epstein

Associate professor of Environmental law at Uppsala University

Membership period 2023–2028

My research focuses on how law relates to the natural world, particularly in the field of environmental law. Terms and concepts originating in the natural sciences permeate the law. This is especially true in new legal fields like environmental and medical law, but is also true in many classic fields such as tort law, in which, for example, scientific expertise is often needed to determine risk or fault. Differing interpretations of these terms and concepts in different disciplines affect decision making and make it difficult to know whether the law is being complied with. When scientific concepts are made part of the law, reference to the natural sciences is often necessary in order to properly understand or apply the law. If judges or other decision makers misunderstand or misuse natural science, the laws ability to achieve legislative goals may be hindered. I try to find ways to improve the interaction between those working with law and natural science in order for the legal system to be better able to protect the environment.

Philippe Tassin Foto: Anna-Lena Lundqvist/Chalmers

Press photo (click for high resolution): Danish Saroee


Interests: I like to ferment food, especially pickles.

As a researcher in environmental law, my main research interest is how scientific knowledge can be translated into legislation and politics. I hope to collaborate with colleagues in various disciplines to improve law's ability to utilize scientific knowledge.”

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