Katarina Wadstein MacLeod

Professor in Art history at Södertörn University

Membership period 2017–2022

I am Professor in art history with a focus on modern and contemporary art. Since my PhD about girl figures in contemporary art I have dealt with politics of representation in the production of art and its impact on how art is exposed. Currently I am writing a monograph on domesticity as a theme in art during the 20th century. Further, how this theme relates to city planning, the women’s liberation movement as well as to questions of identity and sexuality.


1. and 2. Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden 3. Ericka Johnson, Katarina Wadstein MacLeod and Mia Liinason at the academy meeting in Luleå 2019. Photo: Sebastian Westenhoff/Sveriges unga akademi ( (Click to enlarge)

Katarina Wadstein MacLeod Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden

(Click for high resolution image, opens in new window) Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden


Born: 1973
Interests: My research about art involves an active participation in the public discourse about culture that is always ongoing. Otherwise I engage in equestrian sports as often as possible and most preferably dressage.
Other: When I was 25, I moved to London where I lived for ten years, an experience that transformed my perspective on most things.

“I am a member of the Young Academy of Sweden to be able to influence the conditions for free research, and in particular to promote the humanities.”

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