Rikard Landberg

Professor and Head of Division in Food and Nutrition Science at Chalmers University of Technology

Membership period 2018–2023

Diet is one of the most important influential risk factors for many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. My research aims to better understand how the food we eat affects human health and how we can adapt the diet to achieve optimal health. To acquire knowledge of this we perform model trials, clinical studies and even large population studies. The area is interdisciplinary and we therefore cooperate with researchers in various fields, not least in medicine. An important part of the research is to develop new methods for characterizing the molecules we have in the body as a result of our metabolism, bacteria in the intestine, drugs, and what we eat. By measuring these, we can better understand the mechanisms behind how our eating affects health and risk of developing disease.

The overall goal of the research is to provide new knowledge that can be translated into more effective dietary advice and new foods for better health.

We know what you eat, about Rikard Landberg's research.


Ken Cheng (postdoc in Rikard Landberg's group) and Rikard Landberg discuss analysis results. Photo: Lin Shi

Rikard Landberg Foto: Martina Butorac

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Photo: Martina Butorac


Born: 1981
Family: My wife Jessica and two cats
Interests: I like to go skiing in the winter, stay in the summer house and live archipelago life in the summer. I read a lot in periods and think it's fun with travel.
Other: I recently got a dive certificate and try to cocktail dive as often as possible!

“I'm in the Young Academy of Sweden to get the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with Sweden's most prominent young researchers from different areas and to help increase the interest and the use of science in society.”

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