At the Nordic Baltic meeting, spotted second person from the left: our Sverker Lundin, YAS CEO. Photo: YAF

Nordic Baltic Meeting in Helsinki

June 9–10: Once again the young academies of the Nordics and Baltics gathered to exchange ideas and tackle the challenges of our time. Inspiring guests and thoughtprovoking discussions gave the academies time to reflect on the possible actions to take in order to mitigate the effects of the ongoing war in Europe and on the role of interdisciplinary science to promote a better future.

The first Nordic-Baltic meeting was held in Stockholm in 2019, this second meeting had been postponed from 2021 due to the pandemic. This time the meeting was hosted by the Young academy of Finland (YAF) and they had prepared a packed schedule with plenty of opportunities to strengthen the Nordic-Baltic collaborations.

On day one the academies discussed challenges for the scientific community caused by the war in Ukraine with many insightful presentations. Among them Olena Maslyuvkivska, a Ukrainian scholar recently relocated to Finland, presented how the war has impacted Ukrainian academia.

Day two focused on challenges for interdisciplinary science. Kata-Riina Valosaari presented how the Academy of Finland approaches interdisciplinarity from a funders perspective and Kelsey LaMere, from Tampere University, led a workshop on how to overcome challenges associated with interdisciplinarity.

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