Annette Granéli


Membership period 2011–2014

I have studied DNA-protein-interactions on single molecule level. Physical techniques are applied on biological questions. I am primarily interested in DNA repair processes - both dynamic processes and processes that occur more seldom.

I was Vice Chair of the Young Academy of Sweden 2012/2013 and Chair 2013.


Image from Annette's reasearch (click to enlarge).

Annette Granéli Photo: Markus Marcetic/Young Academy of Sweden

Photo: Markus Marcetic/Young Academy of Sweden


Born: 1973
Family: Husband who works as a journalist and two children, aged 5 and 4.
Interests: Except for science and research I like photographing. I have published images in three books. I also play the saxophone in an orchestra.
Other: I have participated in the Swedish bicycle race“Vätternrundan” three times.

“In 2010, I received an invitation to apply for a membership of the Young Academy of Sweden. I shared the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' opinion that an academy for younger researchers, at the initial stage of independent careers, was needed. I am passionate about research policy and organization and to bring science to society in different ways, and the Young Academy of Sweden gives me an opportunity to pursue these issues. Another important reason is to meet, discuss and be inspired by all these amazing people who make up the Young Academy of Sweden.”

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