Tünde Fülöp

Professor, Plasma physics, Chalmers University of Technology

Membership period 2011–2016

Plasma physics is a broad discipline: its theoretical origins lie at the interface between electromagnetics, hydrodynamics, and statistical physics, and its applications range from semi-conductor processing to space physics, laser-driven accelerators and fusion energy. My research focuses on fast particle dynamics and impurity transport in plasmas. This has a variety of potential applications: ranging from cancer therapy and lightning initiation, to the improved design of fusion devices for large scale energy production.


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Tünde Fülöp Photo: Markus Marcetic/Young Academy of Sweden

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Born: 1970
Family: Husband and two children, born 1999 (Julia) and 2004 (Erik).
Interests: Literature, films, theatre & travel
Other: Hungarian from Transylvania

“I am a member of the Young Academy of Sweden to influence issues that I am passionate about: energy research, the role of basic science in society, education in technology and science, etc. But I also want to be influenced, challenged and inspired by the excellent collection of researchers who make up the young academy.”

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