Fredrik Bäckhed

Professor in Microbiology at University of Gothenburg

Membership period 2011–2016

The microbes in our intestines out number our human cells in the body with an order of magnitude. The microbial genes (microbiome) complement our own genome and affect our physiology and metabolism. I have shown that germ-free mice are resistant to developing diet-induced obesity. In order to study whether the microbial community or its functional capacity (metagenome) is altered in these metabolic diseases we assess the metagenomes of well-pheontyped patients using next-generation sequencing. By rederiving genetically engineered mice as germ-free we are delineating the molecular mechanisms by which the gut microbiota causes disease.

My main focus now is to delineate the mechanisms by which the gut microbiota modualtes host physiology and metabolism and whether the gut microbiota may be a target for preventing or treating metabolic disease.


Left: Fredrik Bäckhed at the national Science festival 2014. (Click to enlarge) Center: Fredrik Bäckhed (Click for high resolution portrait. Photo: Markus Marcetic/Young Academy of Sweden) Right: Fredrik Bäckhed receives the Göran Gustafsson Prize from His Majesty the King 2014 (Click to enlarge. Photo: Markus Marcetic)

Fredrik Bäckhed Photo: Johan Wingborg

(Click for high resolution image, opens in new window) Photo: Johan Wingborg


Born: 1973
Family: Wife and two children
Interests: Family, cooking, fishing, working out.

“The Young Academy of Sweden is an important platform for promoting research, and a great and fun environment to talk research and research policy in.”

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