Gustaf Arrhenius

CEO, The Institute for Futures Studies
Professor, Practical Philosophy, Stockholm University

Membership period 2011–2016

I am Professor of Practical Philosophy at Stockholm University and affiliated researcher at the Collège d'études mondiales External link.. My research field is moral and political philosophy and I am especially interested in issues in the intersection between moral and political philosophy and the medical and social sciences (e.g. economics, law, and political science). I have written extensively on our moral obligations to future generations, applying the methods of social choice and game theory. Currently I am researching issues in population ethics, the structure of value, measurement of inequality, democratic theory, and the measurement and fair distribution of power.


1. Photo: Markus Marcetic 2 and 3. Photo: Erik Thor (Click to enlarge)

Gustaf Arrhenius Foto: Markus Marcetic

(Klicka för högupplöst porträtt) Foto: Markus Marcetic


Född: 1966
Intressen: Filosofi, politik, natur och människor.
Övrigt: Har i mitt vuxna liv bott längre tid i sex olika länder.

“Jag är med i Sveriges unga akademi för att påverka och påverkas.”

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