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A Beginner's Guide to Swedish Academia is available digitally for free (Epub and pdf) and in a limited printed edition.

As a new researcher in the Swedish system, you face a series of questions about what applies to academic merits, and what the networks look like, but also concrete practical questions. To make things easier, SUA has developed a guide that helps navigate Swedish academia and avoid time-consuming obstacles.

Sveriges unga akademi launches A Beginner’s Guide to Swedish Academia
Release mingle A Beginner's Guide to Swedish Academia
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Ewa Machotka and Phlippe Tassin Photo: Erik Thor/YAS, Sabina Johansson

Two of the guide's authors: Ewa Machotka and Phlippe Tassin. Photo: Erik Thor/YAS, Sabina Johansson

Since we come from many different fields and universities in the country, and several of us have also experienced establishing ourselves as newcomers in the Swedish academic system, we have both insight and a good starting point. When we saw the guide that the young academy in the Netherlands has developed, we felt that this is something we want to do, says Ewa Machotka (researcher in Japanese art history, Stockholm University) and Philippe Tassin (physicist, Chalmers), two of the guide's authors.

The guidebook has been developed in collaboration between several members of YAS, which has resulted in a wide range of expertise and experience. YAS has also obtained ideas and feedback from external reference persons with knowledge and insight into the research system.

Linda Andersson Burnett, associate professor in history of science at Uppsala University
Frida Bender, associate professor in meteorology at Stockholm University
Sigrid Schottenius Cullhed, associate professor in literary studies at Uppsala University
Lucie Delemotte, associate professor in biophysics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Mia Liinason, chair of the academy, professor in gender studies at Lund University
Sofia Lodén, associate professor in French at Stockholm University
Ewa Machotka, associate professor in Japanese art history at Stockholm University
Janina Seubert, associate professor in psychology at Karolinska Institutet
Ylva Söderfeldt, associate professor in intellectual and cultural history at Uppsala University
Philippe Tassin, professor in physics at Chalmers University of Technology

Title: A Beginner’s Guide to Swedish Academia
Authors: Sveriges unga akademi
Number of pages: 54
Digital version ISBN: 978-91-527-4383-6
Printed version ISBN: 978-91-527-4384-3
Chapters: 1. Swedish academia in a nutshell, 2. Organisation of higher education and research in Sweden, 3. Teaching and degrees at Swedish universities, 4. Carrying out research projects, 5. Rights, benefits, and practical information, 6. Language, + Glossary of Swedish words and abbreviations.

Design: Ateljé Grotesk
Illustrations: Maja Larsson/Maja på Näset
Fonts: Untitled
Printed by: Åtta45

Jesper Ahlin Marceta, project coordinator, ++46 (0)72 221 19 93,

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Ewa Machotka and Phlippe Tassin Photo: Erik Thor/YAS, Sabina Johansson