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SUA participates in the public debate on research policy through, among other things, opinion pieces, seminars, and comments on public reports. We want Sweden to be an attractive country for research. As the voice for early or mid-career researchers, we contribute with the experiences and perspectives that are unique to a new generation of research leaders.

SUA:s comments on the 2023 research policy report


SUA members with Minister of Education Mats Persson. Photo: SUA

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Research policy
SUA on tour
Ellen Bushell
Ronnie Berntsson

SUA on tour in Luleå: A traveling seminar on career paths and merit evaluation

Research policy
Ewa Machotka
Jessica Jewell
Mia Liinason

Debate: Four things that strengthen Sweden’s successes in the ERC

OH vad får jag för pengarna
Research policy

Academy meeting with focus on researchers and the media

Research policy working group

Utomhusporträtt David Karlander

David Karlander

Assistant professor of Scandinavian languages, Uppsala University and Pro Futura Scientia Fellow at Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies

The Academy has a standing policy committee for research policy, where one or more members are appointed each year to serve as conveners. The conveners are also research policy spokespersons and lead much of the work on the Academy’s statements. The committee has a secretary from the Academy’s secretariat.

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SUA engages in the research policy debate through, among other things, responses to consultations and contributions to propositions, inquiries, and memoranda. We also write opinion articles, organize various events, and conduct independent investigations.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more.

Porträtt av Jesper Ahlin Marceta.

Jesper Ahlin Marceta

Research policy project coordinator


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Cover of A Beginner's Guide to Swedish Academia
Ewa Machotka
Frida Bender
Janina Seubert
Linda Andersson Burnett
Lucie Delemotte
Mia Liinason
Philippe Tassin
Sigrid Schottenius Cullhed
Sofia Lodén
Ylva Söderfeldt

Book: A Beginner’s Guide to Swedish Academia

Ewa Machotka
Jessica Jewell
Mia Liinason
Reports and position statements

Best practices for supporting success in ERC grant competitions

Omslag Forskardrömmar
Christer Nordlund
Christian Ohm
Mia Liinason
Robert Lagerström
Steffi Burchardt
Tove Fall

Children’s book: Researcher’s dreams–Stories for curious children

High bar illustration
Pontus Nordenfelt
Reports and position statements

Assistant Professorships in Sweden — an Evaluation


Network: Researchers and Politicians

The Young Academy of Sweden has a network program together with the Society of Members of Parliament and Researchers, Rifo. In the program, researchers gain insight into the conditions of politics and Members of Parliament have access to current research. One purpose is to create relationships that endure over time and thus open channels between research and politics.

Researchers and Members of Parliament present at the Parliament for the networking programme 2021/22. Photo: SUA

Become a member

As a member, you will have access to a platform where a selection of Sweden’s foremost younger research leaders convene to discuss and address issues broadly pertaining to research and science.

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Funding and partnerships

The work of the Young Academy of Sweden is based on support from funders who want to strengthen young researchers and the impact of research. Support for the academy gives a stronger voice and greater opportunities for new academic leaders to emerge.

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