Bild: ansiktsporträtt leende man, i bakgrunden ur fokus medicinsk utrusning

Photo: Ulf Sirborn

About David's research

I am a researcher in medical imaging, which is a field that involves using technical aids to take images of the body's interior and to measure and understand how the body's interior behaves based on these images.

More specifically, I research cardiovascular imaging, which involves taking images to improve understanding of the cardiovascular system and how to better diagnose cardiovascular diseases. We utilize various imaging modalities, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), or ultrasound.

Recently, our research group has focused on using new MRI techniques to measure changes, blood flow, and blood pressure in different parts of the body. As a technical researcher at a clinical institution, my research spans a wide range of areas, from developing machine learning for improved image analysis to conducting clinical studies on how new imaging markers can enhance understanding of different cardiovascular diseases.

Downloadable images

Bild: ansiktsporträtt leende man, i bakgrunden ur fokus medicinsk utrusning magnetisk röntgen

Photo: Ulf Sirborn

Bild: inomhusporträtt man, i bakgrunden ur fokus korridor

Photo: Ulf Sirborn

Bild: utomhusporträtt av man i ytterkläder, i bakgrunden ur fokus Aula Medica

Photo: Ulf Sirborn


In brief

Born: 1989
Interests: Piano, running, and skiing.

I am a researcher because I want to make a difference: I want to contribute to increased knowledge through the help of science, but also improve the availability of adequate and equal healthcare through my clinical research. Of particular importance to me is promoting increased interdisciplinary exchange in Swedish research, where different disciplines can come together and create synergies for innovative and exciting insights and opportunities – something that is particularly relevant for me as a technical researcher at a clinical institution. I am convinced that the Young Academy of Sweden provides an excellent platform for this, where young researchers from all research fields can meet and collectively work towards a better future.

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