Bild: färgporträtt leende man i skjorta mot tegelvägg

Photo: Ann-Britt Öhman/KTH

About Jan's research

From a mathematical perspective, the goal of optimization is to compute the best possible solution to various problems given certain constraints. Optimization problems can involve calculating the most efficient cancer treatment, or determining the optimal production plan that minimizes emissions and resource usage. By describing optimization problems in a mathematical form, we can use systematic methods and algorithms to find the optimal solution. Some types of optimization problems can be solved very efficiently today and are integrated into many of our technical tools. For example, GPS navigators effectively solve large optimization problems to determine the best route between two cities. However, other types of optimization problems are currently very difficult to solve with the methods we know. In theory, difficult optimization problems can take thousands of years to solve even if we use all available computing power. Unfortunately, many important optimization problems fall into the difficult category, which currently reduces their practical usefulness and societal benefit.

In my research, I focus on developing mathematical theory, methods, and computational algorithms to solve certain types of optimization problems that are currently very challenging to handle. This includes specific classes of optimization problems with important applications in machine learning, artificial intelligence, production planning, and system design.

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Bild: färgporträtt leende man i skjorta mot tegelvägg

Photo: Ann-Britt Öhman/KTH


In brief

Born: 1989
Interests: I am generally interested in technology and enjoy fixing things. I also like sailing. During the pandemic, I became more interested in cooking and feel comfortable in the kitchen.
Other: Ever since I was young, I have been interested in improving things. My first remote-controlled car was taken apart in the hope of making it faster. It is probably only natural that I became interested in optimisation as a research area. When I was younger, I was also very interested in motors and, for example, built jet engines in my parent's garage.

I want to contribute towards strengthening the conditions for young researchers/academics in Sweden and strive for an internationally competitive research and work climate. In my opinion, competitive international hiring conditions are essential for conducting research and teaching at the highest level. I also want to work on conveying the importance of research and education in society.

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