Photo: Erik Thor/SUA

About Maria's research

Finding a treatment for psychiatric diseases is one of today’s large challenges and a complicating factor is that there are no tangible mechanisms that can serve as a biological marker in the study of affective disorders. A paradigm shift is taking place in depression research, where recent discoveries suggest that the misregulation of normal neuronal activity is causing the disease. We use animal models of depression to ask how neuron-neuron interaction at the synapse is regulated and how deficits in specific features of the regulation correspond to depressive behaviours. We have investigated how modulatory systems such as dopamine, noradrenaline and histamine affect synapse function and how these systems can be targeted for antidepressant treatments. Currently, we are interested in how the non-neuronal cells are important for regulating synaptic activity.

In brief

Born: 1972
Family: Husband: Mårten Lindskog
Three children, Gustaf, Elisa, and Ansel
Interests: Outdoor activities

Attending meetings with Sweden's Young Academy inspires and challenges, and it brings so much to be able to think together with all the competent members from different fields. The open and constructive discussion climate is probably what I appreciate the most. Furthermore, Sweden's Young Academy provides so many opportunities to reach out and make an impact. When we collaborate with the secretariat, we can achieve so much without it becoming too much work for an individual. Being involved in organizing Research Meetings for high school students, for example, was incredibly rewarding and we had so much fun while we were there.

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