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About Mattia's research

My research mainly concerns music and music theory from the late Middle Ages and the sixteenth century, but I have also made major contributions from different aspects on music from later periods. The aim of this research is perhaps explained most easily as a quest to understand why music looks (and sounds) the way it does, how individuals acquired the skill of compositional techniques, who wrote what, and how extant sources relate to each other. This could include e.g. identifying shattered and complex fragments and lead, via philological reconstruction, to a modern performance of the music in our own time.

I finished my Ph.D. at the University of Liverpool in 2007 and became associate professor at the Department of Musicology at Uppsala University in 2013. 2006-2015 I was head of Rare Collections at the Swedish National Collections of Music. I am a board member at the Swedish Royal Academy of Music since 2008, and have been leader of the Swedish working group of Répertoire international des sources musicales (a research project with working groups in 36 countries). At present I am working with a project on Early Modern Lutheran ecclesiastical music, funded by the Swedish Research Council.

In brief

Born: 1976
Family: Wife Karolina and two sons (born 2010 and 2014).
Interests: Family, relatives and friends, fishing, classical languages, rural life, composing and improvising fugues, etc.
Other: Responsible for the extensive music educational project The Swedish Music History on Sveriges Radio P2.

The Young Academy of Sweden is an important forum for the dedicated work of strengthening Swedish research in all disciplines. The future position of research is entirely dependent on younger successful researchers personally engaging to understand and seek to influence the changing conditions of science, scholarship, and literature in every era. I am convinced that knowledge of the world, human beings, and what humans do and are, constitutes a cornerstone not only in the world of research but in the life and everyday life of every individual. It instills great humility in me to be a part of a collective network driving research policy, interdisciplinary, and infrastructural issues.


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