Bild: utomhus sommarporträtt av leende man mot grönska

Photo: Hanna Nyquist

About Pierre's research

How do rare events occur, such as extreme weather conditions (floods, strong winds), large-scale power outages, or stock market crashes? What (mathematical) principles underlie the rapid development of machine learning and AI in recent years? How can we develop efficient computational methods for problems in physics, chemistry, and biology?

These questions are examples of what I work on in my research. The commonality among them is that they all in some way involve systems or models where randomness plays a crucial role, known as stochastic systems. Such systems are primarily studied in the branch of mathematics known as probability theory. It is within probability theory, as well as the related field of mathematical statistics, that I conduct the majority of my research. I am particularly interested in connections between probability theory and other areas of mathematics. Interdisciplinary questions where tools from probability theory can lead to new insights are also among my favorites.

Examples of areas that my research has recently focused on include the behavior of a certain type of particle system as the number of particles grows, the mathematics behind so-called deep learning methods, and numerical methods used in the modeling of synapses in the brain.

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Bild: utomhus sommarporträtt av leende man mot grönska

Photo: Hanna Nyquist


In brief

Born: 1985
Interests: In addition to mathematics and spending time with my family, I enjoy reading, wine, various forms of exercise, and being in nature (preferably combined with exercise).
Other: I have three (relatively) small children within three years who, fantastically and chaotically, control much of my time. I have lived and worked in the USA and Holland before returning to Sweden. In my previous life as a runner, I have run both the New York and Boston Marathons.

I view the Young Academy of Sweden as an opportunity to work in a larger context than the specific research field I belong to, in matters ranging from internationalisation to diversity in academia, and improving the conditions and opportunities for (young) researchers. Specifically, I aim to broaden children and young people's understanding of what it means to be a researcher and who can pursue a research career, while also emphasising the importance of interdisciplinary research and enhancing opportunities for young researchers to work across traditional subject boundaries.

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