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About Pontus' research

Bacterial infections represent a major global health issue that could be further aggravated with the rising antibiotic resistance. To counteract this threat we need more detailed knowledge about the encounter between bacteria and humans.

My research team uses advanced live imaging and image analysis techniques to study initial host-pathogen interactions. We attempt to capture the very first moment when a bacteria attaches to a human cell and then follow its journey into the cell. By concomitantly measuring the molecular composition of bacteria and human cells at every interaction interface we can start to map the molecular basis for the first steps of bacterial infection.

In the long-term we believe that better understanding of bacterial infections at the molecular level will open up new targets for antibacterial treatments, vaccines and diagnostics.

In brief

Born: 1978
Family: I live in Södra Sandby outside Lund with my wife Susanne and our children Tilde (born 2010), Wilma (born 2011), Casper (born 2014), and Max (born 2017)
Interests: In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and I'm fond of cooking. I try to keep up with my previous active interest in movies and music, but currently, there's not enough time. 
Other: I was active in the unusual sport of field hockey (which is very popular globally) for almost 20 years and hope to return to sports in some way eventually. I'm also familiar with the Swedish archipelago through sailing and military service as a combat boat commander.

I am passionate about science, openness and common sense, which I think are necessary for a well functioning society. Within the Young Academy of Sweden, I hope to engage in and improve the conditions for research, the spread of knowledge and an increased recruitment of talented researchers abroad.


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Pontus Nordenfelt
Reports and position statements

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