Bild: ansiktskporträtt leende kvinna

Photo: Christina Bode

About Sara's research

I am interested in what happens to (fine) literature and literary culture in a digital age. My research is interdisciplinary and I combine perspectives from literary studies, media studies, cultural studies, and publishing studies to investigate how new digital formats, streaming services, and AI affect literature itself, as well as the conditions for writing and producing books, and how we read and use literature in everyday life. I have researched the phenomenon of 'bookishness' and how the printed book gains a new cultural significance as a symbol and motif, in literature and in modern culture, when we can no longer take it for granted. In recent years, I have moved on to audiobooks. Audiobooks have grown in popularity since 2010, especially in Scandinavia. I examine how this development affects both literature and the book industry, including through interviews with authors, publishers, narrators, and readers. Thus, I aim to highlight how audiobooks not only contribute to changing our way of reading, but also how we produce and write literary texts – and thus, hypothetically, literature itself.

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Bild: ansiktskporträtt leende kvinna

Photo: Christina Bode


In brief

Born: 1986
Interests: I read and listen(!) to a lot of fiction in all genres. I usually listen while I run or when I commute across the bridge to Sweden. So most books are associated with specific places in Copenhagen or with the train journey Copenhagen H–Lund C.
Other: I live in Copenhagen with my family, who doesn't quite understand why audiobooks are so fascinating. But they find it quite fun when I speak “Öresund-speak” or bring home cinnamon buns from Sweden...

I see the Young Academy of Sweden as an opportunity to engage in and actively influence the conditions for Swedish research, and to look beyond my own field and the limits of my own institution. I want to work to strengthen the position of the humanities in an interdisciplinary context, and I want to work for the conditions and opportunities of young researchers, especially in an academic world with increasing demands for internationalization and interdisciplinary collaboration. Above all, I want to advocate for free research in a time when it can no longer be taken for granted.

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