A free academy for a better world

Our vision for 2030 describes the most important issues that the we want to work on during the coming years. It rests on three pillars:

  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Excellence and sustainability
  • Interdisciplinarity and societal engagement

Photo: Javier Allegue Barros/Unsplash

Längst bak i publikhav, mittgång, Sofia och Ronnie på scen i fonden på SUA-dagen.

An academy characterised by freedom and responsibility

An academic system that promotes curiosity, creativity, innovative and long-term thinking. The governance of higher education institutions ensures strong autonomy, individual academic freedom for university teachers, and good working conditions for emerging researchers. The freedom of research and teaching is exercised responsibly. The governance of institutions is based on trust and collegiality, with highly qualified, courageous researchers in leadership positions.

Photo: Lars Pehrson/YAS

An excellent and sustainable academy

A sustainable academy consists of a diverse group of people and ideas. The development of excellent knowledge is allowed to take time. Opportunities for taking risks strengthen researchers and research outcomes. Academic recruitment, qualification, and career progression are characterised by clarity and transparency, tailored to the nature of different scientific disciplines. Internationalisation is pursued responsibly, taking into account climate and global justice.


Photo: SUA

Ung kille frågar spelledare Sara Liin, ungdomar i bakgrunden engagerade i spel

An interdiciplinary and socially engaged academy

Socially engaged researchers and teachers enhance the scientific mindset in society at large, as well as opportunities for freely forming opinions and making well-informed decisions. The academy is outward-looking and strives to make research accessible. Innovative collaborations across disciplinary boundaries are encouraged, and complex societal challenges are addressed together with actors from the private, civil, and public sectors.

Photo: SUA

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As a member, you will have access to a platform where a selection of Sweden’s foremost younger research leaders convene to discuss and address issues broadly pertaining to research and science.

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About us

The Academy is an independent platform that gives young researchers a strong voice in the research policy debate and works to communicate research to children and young people. YAS was established in 2011 at the initiative of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and has 35-40 members elected for five years.

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