The young academies of the Nordics and Baltics gathered in Oslo to exchange ideas and tackle the challenges of our time. Two wonderful days with inspiring guests and thought-provoking discussions gave the academies the ability to reflect on academic freedom and how different language practices may affect research and teaching.


Foto: Adrian Nielsen

The keynote address was made by the State secretary at the ministry of higher education and research Oddmund Løkensgard Hoel. Oddmund elaborated on the Norwegian government’s proposal and action plan to strengthen the use of Norweigian at universities, among other things foreign lecturers must reach a good level of Norwegian within a certain time of appointment. The following discussions explored both differences and similarities in the Nordics and Baltics how language can affect the quality and freedom of research.

The second keynote was held by Dr. Anine Kierulf where she presented the key findings from the Norweigian governmental report on academic freedom of expression. The chair of the Young Academy of Sweden, Ronnie Berntsson, participated in a panel discussion on this topic.

The meeting was held at the Norweigian Academy of Science and Letters and in conjunction with the Letten Prize ceremony and dinner.

About the Nordic-Baltic Meeting

The first Nordic-Baltic meeting was held in Stockholm in 2019 and hosted by the young academy of Sweden. In 2022 the Young academy of Finland (YAF) hosted the meeting in Helsinki. Supported by Nordforsk the meeting serves to foster strong bonds and collaborations within the Nordics as well as the Baltics and in 2024 the plan is for the young academy of Denmark to host the meeting, and in 2025 in Estonia.

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